Privacy & Cookie Policy

Privacy & Cookie Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how the data is processed at Meeting Bees.

Your data at Meeting Bees

When you use Meeting Bees, you add us to your meeting as a participant, as a participant we then send out a form for the attendees to participate in the evaluation of the meeting. The only data we store is that of the meeting organisator who triggered the invite to us as a participant then this can be a name, an e-mail address, or information relating to your appointment. Other data is generated implicitly by your use of Meeting Bees, e.g. log data. We use this information for internal analytical purposes to improve the product for you.

Log data

Meeting Bees records certain requests and transactions in log files. This log data is used for troubleshooting, statistics, analytics, quality assurance, and to monitor system security and can be analyzed to that end. Meeting Bees can publish anonymous statistics under the condition that no personally identifiable information can be derived from such statistics.Meeting Bees also uses Google Analytics, which is provided by Google, Inc., respectively. Their privacy policies can be found at

Outdated and completed polls

The results will be anonymous and archived in some other form for internal analytical purposes to improve the product for you. Log data will not be deleted. Furthermore, outdated polls are automatically deleted from time to time, but no earlier than 30 days after the last date in the poll, or 30 days after the last access to a poll without dates. Polls created with enterprise accounts will not be deleted automatically as long as the subscription remains active. Should the subscription expire, the deletion rules mentioned above apply to all polls associated to the account after 30 days of expiry.

Unauthorized access

Meeting Bees implements several mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access to polls, accounts, or other data.

To access a poll, you use the unique link which Meeting Bees provides and which contains a random access code. This link is an important element to prevent unauthorized access to a poll. You should send this link only to authorized people, i.e., the people you wish to participate in your poll.

Location of data

The Meeting Bees databases are located on cloud servers in Germany


When you use Meeting Bees, the service can store cookies on your computer. Cookies are little pieces of information that can help identify your browser and that can store information for future visits, e.g. your language preferences. Meeting Bees uses cookies to track usage, to improve ease-of-use and the overall user experience, and to manage advertising inventories.

Most Internet browsers automatically accept cookies. You may however configure your browser at any time in such a manner that no cookies are saved on your computer or that an indication always appears when you receive a new cookie.

Meeting Bees services may in principle be used without accepting cookies, although individual functions may thereby be limited.You can choose to disable cookies.

Sending attendees emails from Meeting Bees

Meeting Bees needs to know the e-mail addresses of the attendees of the meeting in order to send them the feedback request. Meeting Bees does not store the emails of the attendees, but encrypts them. We do not share participants' emails with third parties and value the privacy and data of our customers.

Improvement and optimization of Meeting Bees

Meeting Bees stores the anonymized data in order to improve the user experience and to further develop our products.