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How it works

Request access

Request access above and you will receive instructions on how to use our service.

Fill out & send feedback

Once meeting is over attendees will be sent a meeting feedback request automatically.

Instantly see results

See the results of the meetings rating instantly.

Optimize your meetings

Reflect and improve your meeting culture.


24 hours a week on average are spent on meetings. Make sure they're all awesome.

Invite us to your next meeting as a participant, once the meeting is over we will automatically send out a rating request to the meeting attendees. Once attendees have voted, you will have access to the results.

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Why rate meetings?

Increase transparency

Increase the transparency of the feeling of the overall meeting culture.

Good company culture

Meetings are opportunities for teams to create value, but often that is not the case.

Improve and reflect

The only way to improve a situation is by admitting the current status, reflecting and setting up a plan to improve it.

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Meeting Bees Rating

For the ones who just want to improve meetings one at a time.

  • 1 rating per participant
  • Instant Meeting results
  • Unlimited meetings


Meeting Bees Analytics

For the ones that want to disrupt your organization's way of working.

  • Dashboard functionality
  • Unlimited ratings
  • Multiple users
  • Data aggregation
  • SLA policy